Sigg Brothers Homes of Longmont & Boulder uses a Design/Build Model versus the typical system of hiring an architect for design, and then hiring a separate general contractor for the build or construction.  Our Design/Build Model combines the two functions in an effort to make the process more efficient and cost effective.

Advantages of the Design/Build Model

  • Reduced Cost: With the Sigg Brothers Homes Design-Build Model, the plan preparation fees are significantly lower averaging around $3000 vs $10,000-$30,000 charged by some architects.  That, combined with the efficiency in design, results in a savings of roughly 5-10% in overall cost of your custom home.
  • Team Effort: The Design/Build Model inherently establishes a team effort with a single point of accountability, as both the design and build functions are performed by one group of professionals that have worked closely together for many years.  This close working relationship improves overall communication that results in the project being completed on time and within budget.
  • Efficiency:  With the Design/Build Model,  Sigg Brothers Homes is accountable from start to finish of the entire project.  Our project professionals have well defined processes that are leveraged for every project we perform, and with it comes efficiency.  On the flip-side, you can imagine the issues that may arise from hiring an Architect that has never, or rarely worked with the chosen General Contractor. Without synergy, the construction project is almost certain to have unexpected outcomes in both cost and schedule.
  • Client Participation: Sigg Brothers Homes Design/Build Model is structured so that you can participate in the project at whatever level you wish.  We welcome your input every step of the way, to ensure your resulting dream home meets all your wishes.  At the same time, if you wish to have limited involvement in the project for whatever reason, we can accommodate your needs.
  • Project Delivery:  Delivering your quality custom home on time, within budget, and meeting and even exceeding your expectations is Sigg Brothers Homes’ ultimate goal.  By offering a total solution with our Design/Build Model, we are able to closely manage all aspects of the construction project from start to finish.  We have a clearly defined scheduling process that ensures synchronization of the many activities that transpire during the course of building your home.

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