Erik Nelson

“We couldn’t be happier with the job the Sigg Brothers Homes team did on our new home. The service and quality were far beyond expectation.”

Rob Strieby

“In this age of mass production, it’s rare to find true craftsmanship. I highly recommend Sigg Brothers Homes.”

Sue Wedel

“Dan and I have been in our home for almost a year now. The experience working with Sigg Brothers Homes was what we had hoped for. If we decide to build another home, we would come to Sigg Brothers Homes first.

The quality has been excellent and when we look at other homes, they do not compare. The few minor items that needed to be addressed were taken care of almost immediately… We were very impressed by Sigg Brothers Homes’ willingness to warranty any issues that were sub-contractor related.”

Jolie & Tom Rossing

One of our major requirements was that the house be sturdy and solid so that we can live in it for years knowing that it will hold up well to time and the elements. You made certain that the house met these requirements and that there was meticulous attention to detail. We expected nothing less than a quality job, but were surprised and exceedingly pleased when the house was completed on schedule and under budget.

Mark & Mary Poll

Your dedication to quality and service far exceeded our expectations. It was such a pleasure working with you through the whole design process. We appreciated your timely responses to any of our questions or concerns. We really sensed you built our home with the same pride and attention to detail you would have building your own home. Based on our wonderful experience with Sigg Brothers, we would highly recommend you to any of our family or friends interested in building a custom home.